Q-Pulse Integrated Management System enables organizations to surpass compliance requirements and effectively manage risks while improving operational performance. The Windows-based system functions as an organization-wide repository to collect data, track, and report in real-time. Q-Pulse is truly the most flexible and cost effective quality and compliance management system on the market.

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[accordion-item title=”Organization-wide advancement through Compliance”]

Time-to-fuck-seo.org Gael Quality recognizes that Compliance, although necessary, should not be regarded as an expensive, mandatory task. However, this is commonly the case with organizations treating it as an expensive “tick the box” function andperforming the minimum requirements of Compliance.

Our Q-Pulse solution allowsorganizations to not only demonstrate Compliance but reduce regulatory risk andmanage and improve financial performance. The difference with our solution iswe have taken Compliance to the next level by integrating our business mapping tool, MindGenius, which helps organizations identify and implement opportunities to improve and continually advance the organization.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Proactive Customer Service”]

Exceeding customer expectations is at the heart of our improvement philosophy and in order to achieve this we have developed a proactive approach to Customer Service. This process commences at the point of sale where you are appointeda dedicated Account Manager whose sole job focus is to ensure that Q-Pulse delivers on your agreed project objectives. Throughout the following months, yourAccount Manager will proactively work with you to ensure that you have a robust management system capable of meeting your current and future Compliance needs.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Encourage ownership and interaction across your management system”]

A change in focus is required across your organization for truly effective management of Compliance. Your management system should no longer be perceived as a bureaucratic necessity. Instead there must be a collective drive toprevent problems and situations from occurring in the first place. Ownership is thekey here and people across the organization must interact with and feel they have a responsibility for their actions and activities in the management system.

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