Food and Beverage

After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives. – Oscar Wilde

Food Safety and Quality in the food, drink and packaging manufacturing sectors has been driven by the BRC (the British Retail Consortium) since 1998. In that time the Global Food Standard and Global Packaging Standard have both grown into an internationally accepted comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System (FSQMS) framework. The result is that food safety is a critical part of both consumer protection and brand protection and should never be left to chance. Businesses have been destroyed overnight by not paying attention to this simple, but often ignored, fact.

Gael Ltd’s Q-Pulse solution has evolved alongside BRC and ISO 9000/9001, as well as other standards, to become the food safety platform of choice for food, drink and packaging companies. Some of the world’s best known brands use Q-Pulse to manage BRC Global Standards, food safety, health and safety as well as environmental and trade body standards. Why? Because it helps maintain and improve compliance in a way that actually reduces operating costs and cost of failure.

Food Safety Management System

FSMS requirements have food, drink and packaging companies under more pressure than ever to comply with multiple standards.

These compliance requirements include food safety, quality, environmental and trade body standards.

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