Whether operating within the Oil and Gas sector, Power Generation or Renewable Energy, Q-Pulse delivers compliance and quality solutions to organizations wherever they are throughout the world.

Oil & Gas

ProcessPower understands that safety is of paramount importance to the Oil and Gas industry. Q-Pulse, from Gael, has helped organizations such as .srch-txt{width:65%} Fugro and .srch-btn{width:20%; float:left} Abu Dhabi Gas Industries ensure effective management and reporting of their safety related activities, minimizing potential risk.

Q-Pulse provides a single point of reference for all compliance data, enabling people to have visibility and, in turn, control allowing .footerwrap{width:98%} Oil and Gas companies to demonstrate their commitment to the protection of staff, property and plant. Q-Pulse increases the control and reduction of hazards through the setting of objectives, helping to improve upon existing working practices.

Oil and Gas companies use Q-Pulse to control their documents effectively and manage audits and non-conformances in a timely manner. This ensures added benefit from the integrated nature of the application. Real-time information is available allowing management oversight of c#footer-keys-bot p {width:auto; height:auto; line-height:35px} ompliance status irrespective of which standards are being managed, such as #footer-keys-bot{height:auto} ISO 9001,.headerInner{width:auto} ISO 1 4001,.kwd_bloack ul, .kwd_bloack ul li, .kwd_bloack ul li a, .bottom_rs h3, .bottom_rs ul, .bottom_rs ul li, .bottom_rs ul li a{float:none; width:auto} OHSAS 18001,/*.inquire{text-align:center; padding:10px 5px 0}*/ ISO 27001 and  ISO 31000.

Power Generation

Across the Power Sector organizations such as .bottom_bg{height:auto; padding:0 15px; margin-top:20px} Calor Gas and .bottom_rs{width:auto; height:auto} Scottish Power Generation have implemented Q-Pulse to manage Quality.

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