Connect with ProcessPower Solutions on LinkedIn

Connect with ProcessPower Solutions on LinkedIn

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We have recently created a variety of LinkedIn pages in order to share industry knowledge and news and to communicate more effectively with our network and greater community. Each of these pages is geared towards an area of expertise our organization possess (Quality and Safety Management, Decision-making, Mind Mapping and Risk Management). Our hope is to create and share valuable content and engage in discussions around what is most important to us (and hopefully you). Please click the link below to explore these various pages. We hope you continue to follow our progress and engage in our conversations.


About ProcessPower Solutions

ProcessPower is a process-driven company, thus our name from the belief in “the power of processes”. The software companies and their products we represent in Canada strongly reflect the same passion. Our overall solution is a blend of software tools, techniques, methodologies, and professional services designed to help organizations comply with respective standards while managing quality, safety, risk, decision-making, and resource allocation more effectively.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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