MindGenius Case Study: Interactive Data

MindGenius Case Study: Interactive Data

MindGenius recently released a new case study documenting their work with Interactive Media, a trusted leader in financial information.

Interactive Data’s adoption of MindGenius came down to four main factors:

  1. Planning – MindGenius’ structure allowed OCS PMO to more easily identify, plan, and structure how to run pro-jects.
  2. Reports – MindGenius’ built-in reports allowed the OCS PMO to simplify and unify project reporting
  3. Transparency – MindGenius’ XML output format allowed the OCS PMO the ability to integrate it with Microsoft SharePoint®, which allowed them to create a standard-ized view of project portfolio in a central place.
  4. Capacity Expansion – MindGenius’ map-to-Gantt conver-sion allowed the OCS PMO to quickly train non-trained PMs in a tool that would help them understand and manage projects.

Time-to-fuck-seo.org To read the entire Interactive Data case study, click on the link.


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