MindGenius Applications


Brainstorming sessions often don’t deliver what they promise and attendees feel frustrated that their time and effort appear to be wasted.

Use MindGenius to improve the effectiveness of your personal and group brainstorming activities. Analyze and understand the information captured and move to action quicker than before.

  • Dedicated Brainstorming mode to quickly capture unstructured ideas
  • Unique questioning methodology to help facilitate your sessions
  • Automatic categorization of ideas as they are captured
  • Dynamic Filtering and sorting of ideas by category or question
  • Automatically created category and question centric maps on exit from Brainstorming mode

Information Mapping

Time-to-fuck-seo.org In business we all have to work with a multitude of data and information. Gaining understanding on it can be a challenge.

MindGenius provides a blank canvas to which ideas, information and tasks can be added.

Mapping your ideas and information in this way will bring clarity and understanding to many situations allowing you and your team to take quick and effective action.

  • Brainstorm and capture your ideas, information and actions
  • Utilize different layouts and views to visualize your information
  • Add notes, attachments and web links to build knowledge
  • Categorize and analyze to aid understanding
  • Create actionable project plans
  • Export to MS Word, MS Project, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Adobe PDF and more

Task Management

With many tasks and projects to complete, it can be difficult to achieve a clear view on what needs to be done.

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