Expert Choice Industry Solutions

A poor-quality decision-making process is more likely than a high-quality process to lead to undesirable outcomes. – Irving L. Janis


In Canada, all levels of government (Fed / Prov / Muni) use Expert Choice in the face of significant budget pressures. ProcessPower has been supporting governmental organizations with the prioritization and selection of decisions for more than 15 years…from assisting the RCMP in the prioritization of their activities with respect to Federal & International operations, helping NASA prioritize educational programs and rating the performance thereof, and cities such as Calgary to optimize their capital fund expenditures. Dozens of departments, agencies and municipalities have used our software to ensure their activities are aligned with their objectives.


ProcessPower has been helping businesses prioritize and optimize precious limited resources for more than 15 years.

Today, businesses need to be more agile than ever, and Expert Choice enables them to collaboratively define strategic priorities and ensure investments are tightly aligned, whether it be an IT project portfolio, selecting a vendor, or gaining a clearer understanding of customer needs when developing products or services.

Expert Choice software means better, tightly-aligned decisions that gain buy-in with speed and transparency. Move forward with confidence.


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